Photos from our collection

Our collection includes historic and contemporary photos from the Town of Concord. Why do we “also” have contemporary photos in our collection? Because photos taken today, are tomorrow’s historic photos.

Do you live in the Town of Corcord? Do you have family history in the Town of Concord? If so please share your family or community related photos (historic or contemporary). Please contact us for more information at











Here is a sampling of historic  and contemporary photos from our archives:

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sm Sukow Family Concord WI blacksmith shop 2 retouched 2Hemke family father & child by tractor Dobratz IGA Store Town of Concord corrected sm



Wilmer Groose Family 2 corrected





Concord M E Church sm

Concord Center School May 18 1953 sm



CHS Museum DSCN1082 sm

Concord Historical Soc Log Cabin - rear view

Wilmer Boltz & Bev (Boltz) Kramer 8-10-03

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